April 9, 2011

Spring it on me!

Here are some great nail colors for the Spring time. They're all bright and fun colors to try out. Spring and Summer are the seasons to have fun with your nail color so don't be afraid!
From left to right here are the nail colors I recommend. The first is China Glaze Lemon Fizz which is a really pretty sunshine yellow. Next is Sugar High by China Glaze which is a watermelon type pink. Then its Electric Blue by Ulta a vibrant turquoise color. Next its Peachy Keen by China Glaze a gorgeous coral shade. And last but not least Gargantuan Green Apple by OPI a pastel green shade. 

Portfolio Show For Graduation

So at the end of this past month I had my portfolio show which is something you do before you graduate. If you didn't know already I'm a fashion major at an Art Institute. I'm currently in my last semester and graduate in June. A portfolio show for those of you who might not know is when you gather all the projects that show your best skills as well as accompany it by a portfolio book which is what you'll present to future employers. At this portfolio show industry professionals come in and look at your work, take business cards, and resumes. Pictured below is my table at the portfolio show.
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