May 31, 2012

Alice + Olivia RTW Fall 2012

So I'm loving the Alice+Olivia 2012 fall collection. There's so much to love about if from the 50-60's inspired silhouettes, the great textures, to the use of volume, all with a parisian flare.

May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012

Who is James Abbe?

Alright so I decided to add something new to my weekly posts. And I want to get your guys feedback on if you like it or not :) Once a week I'll pick a photographer, model, designer etc. and tell you a little about the person. I feel as though it'd be a good learning experience for you as well as myself. So here it goes I hope you guys like it :)

James Abbe (Photographer)


Birth Location: Alfred Maine
Raised in: Portsmouth, VA
Moved to NYC in 1917

About Abbe:

James Abbe is known for his photography of stage and cinema stars in the 20's and 30's. Through his pictures he captures the lure of the limelight. Instead of shooting in studio he'd shoot them on location on stage in full costume.
Besides using his photos for publicity he'd also sell them to Vogue and Vanity Fair,making him one of the first few to introduce media-induced celebrity. His impressive portfolio also documents the Spanish civil war, and the Nazis rise in Germany. Abbe also photographed all of the notorious European leaders during that time. James was a trendsetter for the practice of documentary reportage (candids).

Below is some of James Abbe's work

May 27, 2012

Pinterest Pics of the Week

Welcome back dolls! Here are all the pics I've been loving from Pinterest this week. From fashion to beauty to random pics. To follow me on Pinterest just follow the link I have over in the right sidebar :)

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