October 10, 2012

My first trip to NYC!

Heres some of the pics from my NYC trip I hope you guys enjoy them. Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days didnt have my computer over the weekend then came back home Monday and had to work. I had to work Monday 6pm to 12am and didnt leave til 10:30am on Tues! Thats what happens during a floorset lol. So needless to say I slept almost all day Tues so sorry for the wait, but heres the pics from my trip :)
Herald Square
Times Square
5th Avenue
Rockefeller Plaza
Bryant Park

1 comment:

  1. Vengo del blog de Somente Anjos e Fadas y me ha encantado tu Rincón; por lo cual, si no te importa, me gustaría ser Seguidor de tan bello Espacio, lleno de Magia, Sentimientos, Sensaciones y Fantasías.
    Un abrazo.


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