February 11, 2011

Color Me Purple

Every two weeks I get my nails done and depending on the month or holiday I like to play around with color. Since it's February and Valentines Day is just around the corner I decided to paint my nails purple since they were pink the past 2 weeks. And next time they'll be red. So I wanted to share with you guys some great colors I've come across that work great for the month of February. The first is a pretty pink by China Glaze called Pink Underground, the second color is by OPI in the color red called Edin-Burgundy, next is the purple I'm wearing by Ulta in the color Tutu Cute, and last but not least is a crisp white also by OPI called Alpine Snow. I hope you guys go out and check out some of these colors that are great for this month. And don't forget to have some fun with your nail color because it also acts as a extra accessory.              

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