February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

The fashion hits and misses of the
 2011 Oscars

Best dressed:
Hilary Swank Looked great in this dress and she actually got the feather trend right. I loved it.

Jennifer Hudson once again got it right. The color looks great on her and it's flattering in all the right places.

I love this dress on Mandy Moore it has my vote for best sparkle. But I do wish either the dress was a shade darker or she was a bit tanner.

Helen Mirren had my vote for best dressed over 50. The color was a great gun metal and it was age appropriate but still a little sexy. 

Halle Berry looked fabulous once again. I loved this nude color against her skin. 

Mila Kunis looked amazing in this dress. I love the color and design. I do wish the neck line was a bit higher, but she rocked this sleek Victorian inspired look.

Sandra Bullock looked stunning in this red dress the color definitely works for her.

Anne Hathaway to me takes the fashion oscar of the night with 8 costume changes. She looked amazing in all the dresses even the tuxedo. Rachel Zoe her stylist did a phenomenal job with her looks. You also saw almost every big trend on her from jewel tones, prints, to sparkle she wore it all. 

Matthew Mcconaughey and his wife have my support for best looking couple and best black dress.

Natalie Portman just looks amazing with a glow to her. The color and shape work very well on her. And this is what an Oscar winner should look like.

Reese Witherspoon was my vote for best hair and classic dress she looked amazing just like a Barbie.

Now for the worst dressed:

Florence Welch 's dress is just horrible now this is the wrong way to do a Victorian style dress. The color washes her out and it almost looks like a night gown, and against her red hair. Its a total miss. That's 2 award shows in a row now that she's not dressed well.

Cate Blanchett's dress gets the Oscar for worst dressed its just awful. It looks like an octopus or warts its just horrible all around.

Mixed feelings:

Hailee Steinfeld's dress I absolutely loved. This dress it's so cute but I wish it was a different color or she was tanner because the color just washes her out, but its also very age appropriate.

Jennifer Lawrence's dress I loved too and it's so form fitting and flattering, but I don't think its age appropriate for a 20 year old and it's not dressy enough for the Oscars.

Also to all the stars that went for the nude colored dresses Halle Berry was the only one who got it right because it didn't totally wash her out it complimented her skin. So next time go a shade darker on the dress front or go get a fake tan.

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  1. well, I just wanted to comment on hailee stienfelds dress because Love the color. What I would change is the skirt half; I think it was a bit of a strange length however the longer you look at it the more appealing the length is.


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