March 2, 2011

Movies to check out

Just Go With It
This is such a funny movie, but that's what you can expect from an Adam Sandler film. And Jennifer Aniston makes any movie good. It's a romantic comedy with a predictable out come, but its defiantly worth the money to see. Totally hilarious!

The Roommate
So the main reason I went to see this film is because Leighton Meester was in it, people say I resemble the two girls, and the previews looked good. But it actually turned out to be a pretty good movie. And it turned out to be more interesting and somewhat relatable because Sarah and Rebecca are both art students Sarah being a fashion major like me.  And the movie is not scary at all, its just more on the freaky side I guess you'd say. And it's not overly bloody or gory either. If I had to pick a movie that's kind of along the same line as this movie I'd say its kind of like the movie Prom Night. But it's defiantly a movie to go see with your roommate or college friends.

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