February 1, 2012

Makeup Storage!!!

Ok girls, so if your like me and love makeup you probably know that the more you fall in love with it and start experimenting your collection seems to just get bigger and bigger. So today I'm going to show you how I store my makeup, where I found my storage, and how to make it presentable. It's super affordable and easy so lets get started!

So this is my collection and how I store it. I bought these 3 drawer containers at Wal-Mart for about $10-14. Now I personally suggest to just buy the biggest ones they offer, because I bought the smaller ones to begin with since I knew the products I had would fit. In the long run I didn't think about "well if I get more products will they fit too?" So within half a year to a year I had to replace them all with the bigger ones I have now. I have 4 big ones that hold the products I know I'm continuely buying like shadows, liners, glosses, lip sticks, blushes etc. I have a medium size one from my old storage that I now use for false lases, lip balms/treatments, and primers. And finally I have a small one that holds q-tips, cotton balls/swabs, and sponge applicators. I also chose white containers because I figure they'll match whatever room I put them in when I move.

Heres some of my drawers:
I got these containers also at Wal-Mart for $1 and 3 come in a pack. To find containers like this try the kitchen storage area where I found these. They offer them in wire and plastic. I find plastic works best though. If you want clear ones try a craft store or the container store online.

This is my blush drawer. I have all my cream blushes in the long container, and all my most used powder blushes in the square one. Behind this one I keep all the blushes I don't use that often.

This is my cream shadow drawer. In the long one I have all my Maybelline color Tattoo shadows. In the square container I have all my stick and liquid ones. I have cream palettes lining the side and my elf creams up front.

This one is my liner drawer. In the long one I have all my liquid liners. The square one holds all my pencil ones. Behind that I have my gel liners and back-up pencil liners.

For my loose pigments I store them in a clear bead box that you can find at any craft store for under $5

For my palettes I store them in a clear letter divider that you can find at any office supply store.

Finally for my brush storage I use this elf 3 divider holder that I got for under $20. I keep face brushes in 1 section, eye brushes in the 2nd, and brushes that I only use once in a while in the 3rd.

Heres some ideas of how you can hide the fact that its storage for makeup. You can find pictures like I did up above with my container I store mists and lotions in. Just measure and cut the picture to fit in the front part of the drawer. You could also make a collage like above and place that in there. For mine I plan on going and getting a print I like in scrapbook paper and fronting that.

I hope this helped some of you :)

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  1. Awesome collection! I am hoping to get a makeup collection/storage on my channel sometime soon. I just followed your blog. Here's a link to my channel as well :) https://www.youtube.com/user/pixiemama5000


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