July 6, 2012

Who is Princess Diana?

Diana Princess of Wales

July 1,1961- August 31,1997

Her life:

Diana married Prince Charles in 1981 he was 13 years her senior. They had two sons William and Harry. They divorced in 1996. She loved children and became known as the "people's Princess". Diana even was a kindergarden teacher at an England school. Diana met her unfortunate fate on August 31,1997 in Paris. She died in a car crash due to the paparazzi chasing her.

Her Style:

Princess Diana influenced a generation of women. In 1991/1992 she was on the international's best dressed lists hall of fame. She had a modern sophisticated style. She would always listen to peoples advice but follow her instincts. Diana popularized pearl chokers, Clinique cosmetics, and Annick Goutal Passion known as her signature scent.

Diana's Style

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