September 26, 2012

2012 Emmy's Fashion

Hey dolls! Sorry I haven't posted anything the past couple of days :( I've been real busy with work, and just found out I get to go to NYC for work :) I'm super excited!! I get to go to the Herald Square Victoria's Secret to help set it up for its reopening. It's my first time going to NYC, can you believe it?! A fashion major whos never been to the big apple lol. So if you've been to NYC or live there where should I go in my free time? I'll be instagraming and tweeting the whole time. So def follow my links on the right if you want to follow me on my trip the 6th, 7th, and 8th of October :) Anyway enough about that lets get to the post. The Emmy's this year were filled with gorgeous gowns. Like always with some that you ask yourself what were they thinking?! Some trends were jewel tones, yellows, beading, florals, flowy dresses, and cleavage bearing necklines. So heres what the stars wore for the 2012 Emmy's enjoy!


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