September 9, 2012

2012 VMAS Fashion

Rihanna looks great in white

Didn't like Alicia's dress sorry but shes no Angelina

One Direction always lookin good

Jessica was def worst dressed for me. What was she thinking?

Love the sheerness of Katy's dress and pop of color

It's Kesha I don't know what else to say

I like Miley's dress, but hate her hair she should have stuck with the bob it looked good on her.

Love the texture and different geometric shapes of Emma's dress

Gotta love a good sequin dress like Demis

Leather is in

Not crazy about Pinks dress wish it was a different color

Love Nickis music but she needs to stop trying to be like Lady Gaga with her fashion picks.

The Fab Five

Taylor was my best dressed love the white suit with red lip

Love this color on Zoe

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