January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Fashion 2012

So here are my favorites of the night, and some that in my opinion were misses. But I love red carpet events just so I can see the great fashions the celebrities are wearing and emerging trends as well for fashion and beauty.

The Best

Fish Tails/trains/mirmaid gowns were a big trend last night, and here are my favorite ones.

I love the lace detailing on this dress and the amazing belt.

The royal blue color is great and the texture used is great.

I love the light airyness of this look. The color is so pretty and the neckline, and slit add drama.

The gold detailing on the top part of her dress is very beautiful and eye catching.

This was another one of my favs with the lace detailing and dramatic slit. Very old Hollywood to me. (BEST DRESSED)

I love the color of this gown and the texture of it.

Another great fishtail dress was this one its like liquid steel. The color and detailing is amazing. (THIRD RUNNER UP BEST DRESSED)

This red number was a big hit. The shape and lines were so flattering on her, and she looked awesome.

This dress I have mixed feelings about I like the dress I just wish it was in another color. This white feels too bridal to me.

Color Trend: Sunshine Yellow

Sleek & Casual

I love the silhouette of this dress, but I don't know how I feel about the pop of red though.

For me Hiedi is either a hit or a miss and this time she was a hit. The great color and simplicity of the dress just let the teal statement necklace shine.

This is a sleek number, but it has amazing stud detailing very pretty.

What can you say about Kate she always looks great. Her secret knowning and dressing for her body type, age, and what she feels confident in.

Ok so this is another dress I have mixed feelings about. I like the color, but the accessories are a little too light for me if she would have worn a chocker necklace or dangling earrings then it would have been fine. I just feel she didn't accessorize enough.

This two tone dress is great and the belt makes it even better.

What can you say about Mila she just looks great in everything, but I'd love this even more if it was in a color.


So I really dont like this dress. Now it is Madonna so it's no surprise that the design is a little out there, but the bottom half is aweful. I like the top half though, the bottom just ruined it.

OMG! I don't even know where to start. She looks like a tie-dyed pastery. I don't like the shilhouette of this dress to begin with. It looks like a bridal gown that had blue paint spilt all over it. In one word it's just TRAGIC. (WINNER OF WORST DRESSED)

Hair Trends


Updos & Buns

Makeup Trends

Glowing skin

Red Lips

Nude Lips

Smokey Eyes

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