January 23, 2012

Style Icon Pick of the Week: Elizabeth Olsen

Emerging Elizabeth

Just like her stylish older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen is creating her own iconic style. You can see some of her sisters style in her looks, but she does it in her own way. Shes not affraid to take risks, and she'll take looks straight from the runway. Elizabeth is on her way to being the next trend setter in her family, so look out MK & Ash. I can't wait to see what she'll wear next.   

Her Must Haves
Simplistic Dresses
Statment Pieces
Bold Color
Laid Back Pieces

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  1. Hey there beautylish friend :) Love the blog :) i am your new follower :). btw I dont like selena gomez but Your Blog Song just made me change my mind. :)I listened to the song and its pretty cool :)
    hope you can check out my blog as well :)


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